Everyone makes new years resolutions, whether they are personal ones or business ones. But what about your living arrangements? For all you apartment owners, here are some resolutions to keep it tidy, organized, and well…more fun to live in!

Friday fridge clean outs

After a long week, you don’t want to cook. You end up going out for dinner and forgetting about the leftovers you had in the fridge. Your new years resolution? Don’t forget! The fridge is going to start stinking up and you don’t want to have to clean too much at once. Cleaning up your food situation once a week will keep it maintained.

Big paper calendars

Although we all live very digital lives, it’s nice to write things down to look forward to and to cross off once complete. It’s also a great way to visualize your month on a larger scope. In sight and in mind! You won’t ever forget a lunch date or family function ever again.

Storage boxes

Most apartments aren’t the biggest, so one way to save on space is to separate your Winter and Summer fashions. Whatever you don’t need for a season, put in storage boxes. Even better, if you didn’t wear a piece at all one season, think about donating it. Less waste and someone else will benefit from your gently used clothing. 

 Flower power

Show your apartment some love and pick up fresh flowers once a week. It’ll brighten up the space, while brightening up your mood. Plus, it’s a great way to wake up in the morning: by smelling the roses.

Invest in a good coffee maker

It’s very tempting to wake up and go out for coffee. But that adds up! To save money and keep to a budget, make your own coffee at home. It will taste just as good and no line ups like at your local Tim’s or Starbucks.

Printed pictures

Find that awesome photo of you and your best friend. Or that cute pic of you and your mom. Next step: print it off and frame it! Wake up and eat dinner surrounded by really fun memories. It’s a great way to reminisce while also planning for a new adventure.  

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